Places advertisement on IEEE 1588 Solutions

Posted on October 9, 2012

Cyber On-Air (Asia) Ltd places advertisement in support of Symmetricom IEEE 1588 Solutions & its new product launch “TimeProvider 5000 for Financial Services”

Building on efforts to introduce the critical importance and real benefits of Symmetricom IEEE 1588 (also known as Precision Time Protocol or PTP) solutions to High Frequency Trading, Cyber On-Air (Asia) Ltd has placed a full-page advertisement in the Economic Digest on Saturday, 6 October 2012.

IEEE 1588 is the emerging standard for providing precise timinIEEE1588_adv.pngg and synchronization over packet-based, Ethernet networks. Symmetricom's comprehensive portfolio of IEEE 1588 server products provide the highest level of reliability and performance available on the market today. They incorporate true "carrier class" features such as redundant power supplies, redundant clock cards and port bonding to guarantee the five-nines (99.999%) reliability and uninterrupted service demanded by equipment manufacturers and network service providers worldwide.

“We have been the distributor of Symmetricom for 15 years in providing synchronization and timing systems to our customers including Telecom Operators, Government, Public Utilities and Private Enterprise. Seeing the unique requirements of the growing High Frequency Trading, Symmetricom has launched a new product ‘TimeProvider 5000 for Financial Services’ addressing its special needs,” said Tony So, General Manager, Cyber On-Air (Asia) Ltd.

symmetricom_timeprovider5000.PNGHigh-speed low-latency trading systems need faster, higher capacity and more reliable precise time synchronization solutions across all related aspects of the trading process. The TimeProvider 5000 features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and high performance PTP Grandmaster operations with line speed packet processing making it an excellent solution for high speed stock trading networks.

To learn more about the real benefits of IEEE 1588 solutions and TimeProvider 5000, please contact our consultant at Tel: 2798 7733.