Symmetricom - Sync Linux Applications To Within 600 Nanoseconds of UTC

Posted on January 30, 2013


No other vendor's solution synchronizes Linux apps so accurately.

Application timing is only as good as the time available at your network's PTP Grandmaster ?and only if your applications can sync to that time.

To achieve the highest level of synchronization available in the Linux market today, you need the following Symmetricom's best-in-class solutions:

SyncServer® S350 GPS Network Time Server ?the industry's most accurate PTP grandmaster

SyncPoint® PCIe-1000 PTP Clock Card ?the industry's most accurate clock card for syncing applications to a PTP Grandmaster

With this combination, Linux applications at different network locations can typically sync to within 600 nanoseconds of UTC at the program layer ensuring the highest level of synchronization.

Key benefits include:


  • Delivery of ultra accurate time to Linux applications
  • Precise time updated more than a million times per second
  • Accurate time over busy enterprise networks
  • Industry leading accuracy at an extremely low price


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Delivering Sub-Microsecond Accurate Time to Linux Applications Around the World
What obstacles impede ultra-precise Linux application synchronization?
What measures can overcome these obstacles?
How do you validate that these measures actually work?
What roles do these factors play?
  - hardware time stamping
  - choice of clock technology
  - ability to push time directly from the network's physical layer into memory