Calnex Receives Award in ‘Mobile Digital Development’

Posted on January 2, 2014

by Calnex

Calnex has received an award in the ‘Mobile Digital Development’ category at this year's Next Generation Digital Awards Ceremony.

Calnex Receives Award in ‘Mobile Digital Development’

Next Generation Digital Awards is the UK’s leading event for Next Generation broadband and network activity that seeks out key players and their activities in the industry – “We are looking to capture the achievements of the ‘enablers’ of the digital economy – both in the innovative provision of connectivity and in its wider application for enterprise, community and public services benefit”.

Calnex was recognised for its success in enabling successful trials and rollouts of 4G networks by providing unique testing capabilities. In particular, the ability of its products to capture real network conditions and then replay them in the lab to find and fix problems has allowed operators to deploy new technologies successfully.

Calnex also continues to advance its role as global leaders in synchronisation and OAM testing with the launch of our new product ‘Sentinel’, a product designed to be fit for the field and fit for networks.

Further information on the Awards and winners can be found here.