Test & Measurement Solutions
Time & Frequency Measurement | IEEE 1588 & NTP Tester

Calnex’s Paragon

Main Features

  • Fully stress-test elements that deliver synchronisation over packet-based networks
  • Prove 1588v2 (PTP), Sync-E, CES, Pseudowire, NTP, etc. implementations to ITU-T G.8261, etc
  • Stress and validate Ethernet OAM to Y.1731 and 802.1ag
  • Capture real-world PDV profiles over long periods, then replay these in a repeatable, controllable environment
  • Edit and change monitored PDV profiles before replay
  • Introduce packet corruption events, lost packets, mis-ordered packets, and repeated packets
  • Validate Sync-E and ESMC to ITU-T G.8262 and G.8264

 Calnex Sentinel

Main Features

  • All-in One Tester
    • PTP, NTP, SynE and TDM
    • Mutli-port, simultaneous measurements
  • Embedded GPS Rx and Rubidium
    • High performance, Optional battery to maintain Rb in holdover during transit
  • Analysis and reporting
    • Industry standard or vendor specific masks
    • Build-in nin box or offline analysis using CAT
    • Mesasurement report iwth pass/fail results
  • Capture and Replay
    • Capture live netowrk conditions and replay in the lab to troubleshoot issues


For more information, please visit www.calnexsol.com