About Us

Cyber On-Air (Asia) Limited ("Cyber On-Air") is the wholly owned subsidiary of Vision Values Holdings Limited which is a public listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code : 0862).


Unlike other system integrators, we are a System Integrator based in Hong Kong, positioned and differentiated ourselves as a professional solution provider in Wireless and Time & Frequency Synchronization solutions. 


We have a clear objective and target which enables us to partner with different famous and world leading suppliers on Wireless and Time and Frequency Synchronization systems.


Our solutions provided are mainly related with wireless and these solutions are widely deployed by different industries including fix and mobile network operators, government, education, hospitality, retail, tranportation and small to medium enterprises.


As a soluton provider, we offer total soluton to our customers. These solutions includes but not limited to infrastructure installation and implementation service. We also provide equipment from different vendors, especially those partnered with our company,  to compliment our wireless and synchronization solutions to form a total end-to-end solution.