Tier-1 Service Provider Deploys RAD’s Service Assured vCPE Solution

RAD, the industry pioneer of network edge virtualization, today announced that a Tier 1 service provider in South East Asia has selected its Service Assured vCPE solution as part of a project to completely transform the operator’s network to NFV/SDN.


RADs solution includes the ETX-2v uCPE and ETX-2p pCPE platforms to be deployed at business premises in large volumes, both running on an open vCPE-OS that manages the virtualization resources, as well as the RADview Domain Orchestrator integrated with the SDN/NFV Orchestrator selected by the service provider. This will allow enterprise and SME end-customers to use a self-service portal to independently deploy and activate various functions of their business data service.


For more information, please visit https://www.rad.com/About-RAD/news-room/tier-1-service-provider-deploys-rad%E2%80%99s-service-assured-vcpe-solution