COA's Indoor MDC is a pre-fabricated, out-of-box, all-in-one micro data centre. It allows IT deployment wherever and whenever it is needed. The well-functioned intelligent monitoring, in-rack/in-row cooling, back-up power system and fire extinguisher helps companies reduce their time or budget to build a server room.


In addition to the Indoor MDC, COA also provides Outdoor MDC for companies with a harsh environment.  


Outdoor MDC is a small footprint, all-in-one outdoor cabinet solution for fast deployment. It was specially designed for outdoor usage purposes with IP55 protection.

Similar to the Indoor MDC, it has all the plug-and-play facilities prefabricated and ready to use environment sensors (e.g. temperature & humidity sensor, smoke sensor, and water leakage sensor), UPS power supply, and 7x24 operational precision door-mounted cooling.


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