Data Communication

RAD's data communication equipment are widely deployed by top-tier service providers, power utilities, mass transportation systems and government agencies.

Megaplex-4 Next Generation Multiservice Access Node

Megaplex-4 is a high-performance, high-capacity multiservice access concentrator for delivering legacy and next generation services over TDM and packet switched networks.


RAD DXC Family

DXC's family includes DXC-8R, DXC-10A and DXC-30 which provides digital access and cross-connect functionality for multiple services, supporting a wide range of applications.


TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway

RAD's TDM Psuedowire gateway family extends TDM, HDLC and Ethernet services over packet transport using standard pseudowire encapsulation over FE or GbE access


IoT Gateway

SecFlow-1v is a ruggedized multiservice Industrial IoT gateway with edge computing capabilities. It supports a lot of functionality and features.


Pioneer in Wireless and Synchronization